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Public debate is in progres about the Strike Law.
You can view the legislation draft (serbian only) here.

Telekom Serbia out for sale, "Nikola Tesla" airport for lease?

Read the artice (serbian) here


Trade Union of Power Industry of Serbia was formed on the Founding Assembly of the Union held on 29th january 1992., following the new situation in order to protect workers' rights. The main objectives for formating this union are defending the economic and social interests of workers.

As soon as April 1992. the Union decides to go on strike, which led to signing of protocols with the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the management of EPS. Because of the violation of the same protocol, the Union announced a strike in April of the following year. This time, the Government complyed with the agreement.

Further activities of the Union are related to the establishing of economic stabilization. In the next four years, the Union deals with the issue of signing of the Collective Agreement, and the organization of the Union itself.

Year 1999. will be remembered by the NATO aggression against our country, and when the union declared a state of war(more than 5,000 workers expelled from the power companies in Kosovo).

During the year 2000., the political crisis in the country has become more tight, and it culminated after the current government attempts to falsify the results of the elections in September 2000. In the turbulent events that followed, the union organized a strike at the Kolubara led by the president of Trade Union EPS Milan Djordjevic, and the President of SO Kolubara Miodrag Rankovic, which began on 29th September and lasted until 5th october. The main demand was recognition of the election results, and electoral will of citizens.

In recent years, Trade Union actively cooperates with the international trade union organizations (ICEM. PSI EMCEF etc..), fights for the Energy Law, the Law on the work etc.

In 2003. EPS Workers Union enters the KCC (Confederation of Free Trade Unions) consisting of unions of public companies in Serbia.

With over 40,000 members, we are the sole representative union in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia. We fight for workers' rights with all meens from negotiations with the Serbian government, ministries, management and conflict resolution to the strike.


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